From the town of Britton, to suburban blight, to new life. An Oklahoma City district transforms.

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) - The espresso machine at Zero Tolerance Coffee is working within its allowable limits.

Owner Maura Baker showed us a spicy mix of coffee and tea that comes out looking pink in color.

It's a day away from a grand opening, but this morning's customers needed an early wake-up in preparing for this little business district's coming out party.

Marketers Grace Powell and Brittany Attaway had a long list of setup tasks.

From before statehood to 1950, Britton was its own town.

The Interurban trolley line stopped here.

The Ritz Theater changed movies every week.

The Owl Court hosted regular overnighters traveling the Route 66 Trunk Line.

But a growing Oklahoma City swallowed the town through annexation.

Until recently, the business district had become more than a little rundown.

It took a group of investors to see the potential.

So over the past couple of years, the storefront buildings got a makeover.

Existing businesses like Odell Bragg's Upholstery, here for 20 years, looked forward to the change.

On this pretty fall morning, Grace and Brittany held the keys to the restored Ritz.

They were talking to the new Hideout Art Space to make sure they were ready for Saturday's official Britton District Day.

Galleries, restaurants, the record store – they're all getting ready for the party.

After all, it isn't often you see a whole street come back to life like this, a new, bright day in Britton.

The inaugural Britton District Day is set for Saturday, November 16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can find more information on their Facebook page,

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