Ghosts at the Gaslight: Players at this Enid Theatre insist there are more than one.

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ENID, OKLAHOMA -- This building was a vaudeville show house first, then a movie theater.

Now, it's a stage theater called the Gaslight where Tammy Wilson spends a lot of time directing or acting.

"Acting, directing," she says. "I'm getting ready to direct dinner theater in February."

But this place is also a regular stop on Tammy's downtown Enid ghost tours.

She says too many people have seen and heard the same kinds of unexplainable things.

"Everybody has different stories," says Wilson. "And they just keep gathering up because it seems like they don't quit happening."

Catina Sundvall knows the stories too.

"It's just a very eerie place at night," she says.

She's a long time player and theater worker, and has been the last one here just long enough to have seen the figure who appears in the tech booth upstairs.

Pointing to the booth from the stage, she says, "There's just a figure standing there watching you."

Walking through this dark place it's easy to see why people might conjure up all kinds of phantoms like the knocking on this door that doesn't lead anywhere, or the footsteps people hear in the abandoned apartments above the ticket booth.

"When there's nobody there," continues Tammy. "So that's a common thing that happens."

Built in the 1920's and used steadily for almost a century, it's logical, say Tammy and Catina that some spirits would linger.

Sundvall insists, "I believe there's something here, more than just one something."

Both are relieved that whoever is still here when the theater lights go out, and the crowds go home, appears to enjoy the show.

Sundvall chuckles, "They're just hanging around to make sure that we're doing things the right way."

The Gaslight Theatre production of Rocky Horror Picture Show finishes out on Halloween night at 9PM.

The Christmas season begins with Miracle on 34th Street November 30.

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