PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – There are all kinds of dog breeds that run agility courses, some faster than others, but none run them like a Great Dane.

Their fans call them the “Apollo” of breeds.

The Great Dane Club of America came to Norman for a national show which included an agility competition that only a rodeo arena in Purcell could fully accommodate.

Candy Nettles couldn’t wait to judge both novices and masters categories.

“They are a large breed of dog,” Nettles said. “This is a performance event which shows off more of the athletic abilities of the dog. They have jumps and what they call contact obstacles.”

Jessica Gibbs’ dog, Linx, is a grand champion in conformation already.

His first experience on an agility course had him extra excited.

“This was his very first course ever,” said Gibbs after Linx’s maiden race. “He did the first two jumps on his own with a few ‘zoomies’ in between.”

Tracy Rinaldo brought her big dog Trixie all the way from Tampa, Florida for the show and a shot at winning this unique competition.

“A Great Dane athlete,” we asked?

“Yes,” she laughs, “and her favorite in agility.”

The words agility and Great Dane may not sound like they go together well in the same sentence.

Dogs this big also have the ability to, pretty much, go wherever they want to go.

Both novice and expert are easily distracted by friendly side judges or vague commands, but never the clock.

“It’s tough on their bodies,” says trainer Dub Peatt. “My dog is 36 inches at the shoulder and he’s running through 26 inch tunnels.”

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A Great Dane is beautiful, often majestic, and friendly for the most part.

Agility is a relative term but watching them run through a course made for smaller dogs is never, ever dull.

The Great Dane Club of America National Specialty runs October 10-15, at the Embassy Suites in Norman, OK.

For more information on the breed or the show, go to Great Dane Club of America’s website.