Great State: A Tour Through the Most Haunted City in Oklahoma

Great State
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GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA -- You can't walk very far in this old territorial capital without stepping into the path of an old ghost or hearing about it from Stacey Frazier.

"You seem to collect these kinds of stories," remarks her walking partner for this October afternoon.

"I really do," she agrees. "And it's not just the ghost stories. It's the history of the ghost stories as well."

Starting this fall she is also a unique tour guide for something she's calling Guthrie Ghost Walks.

"That's where we talk about the history behind the mystery," she says.

On our own walk through downtown Stacey points out the old Lintz department store.

Stacey says a seamstress named Elsie used to work there many years ago.

Now Laura Kilburn insists that same seamstress is always re-arranging things in her modern-day fabric store which sits on the same spot.

"She doesn't tear up anything," insists Kilburn. "She just kind of floats around in here. We see shadows and hear footsteps."

There are still people who remember barber Ivan Ridge.

His shop once occupied a basement space on a busy corner.

Frazier says there are people who still see his cigar smoke coming from the old back entrance even though he's been gone for nearly 30 years.

Standing in front of a stairway alcove, Stacey says, "This is one of the areas we know that he accessed. It's also one of the places we see puffs of cigar smoke come out even now."

The old Blue Belle Saloon has ghosts.

Just about every Victorian Age building along these brick streets comes with the baggage of odd squeaks and unexplained drafts.

Stacey seeks out stories like the one from the old pet hospital.

Residents and guests alike have heard what sounds like loud arguing in vacant rooms.

I turns out a couple once lived there who fought all the time.

Stacey says the wife, "Went out to empty the trash and found her husband. He had worked on a truck out back and the vehicle had fallen on him and killed him."

Her ghost walk tours only allow time enough for a half-dozen stories over a 90 minute walk.

That's just enough to skim the surface, and cause the smallest of chills even on the warmest of evenings.

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