Great State: After Dropping New I-Pad, Tulsa Inventor said Never Again

Great State
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA — Paul Wizikowski’s solution for a bad case of ‘coffee snobbery’ is to grind his own beans and to use a french press to make sure the right taste percolates through to the cup.

“You’ve got to love coffee,” he says while making a small pot. “It’s your saving grace. It’s your manna from heaven.”

Wizikowski is particular about his tech stuff too, especially new products.

That’s why he bought an I-Pad as soon as they came out.

That’s also how he came up with a new idea of his own shortly after he dropped it.

“It actually happened,” he says. “I was walking down a hallway.”

He then demonstrates what happened when someone bumped into him. “And just like that, there it goes.”

“I immediately pictured a simple strap that goes across the back of the I-Pad. I can stick my hand into it and, at least, it will just secure it.”

The first straps he sewed together worked but created their own problems with how to orient the screen properly.

“It just wasn’t as elegant as I wanted it to be,” says Paul.

So he went back to the drawing board, had a few more cups of coffee, and a few more good ideas.

Wizikowski holds up the first product he actually sold to the public.

“This is our first HELO Strap. That’s what we called it. We named it that because it rotates like the blades of a helicopter.”

It took him 2 years of tinkering to bring the first HELO Strap to market.

Along the way he made several different types of straps in different colors.

“Black was, by far, the best seller,” he says.

So he phased out the multi-color straps.

He kept working at it.

The Tablet-Strap Pro became the fancy version of his idea.

Then Paul hit the sweet spot with something in-between called the Tablet Strap 360.

He demonstrates, “It works really well between orientations. It will rotate infinitely and it’s very secure.”

Wizikowski waves his hand holding the strap and his I-Pad. “This isn’t going anywhere.”

His business grew with the tablet market.

Paul introduced straps for 7-inch tablets.

He spends a few hours each week shipping online orders.

He isn’t exactly getting rich, not yet.

But he hasn’t dropped a tablet computer since the HELO Strap came out.

“One step at a time right?” he says while packing up another strap to ship.

One problem solved.

Many tablets saved.

More to come.

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