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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- He grew up with 'Holy' and 'haunted' at the same dinner table.

"Talking about ghosts and everything wasn't a taboo subject," says Eric James.

He never gave the ghostly tales much credence until he and his girlfriend (later wife) found themselves in a cemetery north of Oklahoma City late one night.

"So we get out of the car and walk about ten feet," recalls James.

"As we're standing there kind of nervous, we hear, the only way I can describe it, a kind of growl sound, and it was right here. It wasn't a dog across the street,"

"Was it right on this spot," asks a visitor?

"It was about 30 yards over that way actually," he says.

They returned again with friends and some recording equipment coming away with an interesting piece of audio.

Eric describes what they later claimed was a disembodied voice.

"At the moment before she says she hears something, you can hear a voice saying, 'leave, leave'."

Those experiences consumed James thoughts.

A student at seminary, he asked why his religious faith seemed to offer so few answers to questions about restless spirits.

Eric James says, "In my experience, pastors and youth pastors that I've talked to, and I've asked, 'what do you think about ghosts?' For the most part, they don't really have an opinion on the subject."

James response as a biblical scholar was to start doing research.

He found a passage in 1 Samuel where the prophet comes back from the dead to speak with King Saul.

None of his 'digging' turned up what he would call a definitive answer.

Instead, there was just enough there to keep asking the key question in his mind.

"Are Ghosts Biblical?" became a book that starts a lot of conversations.

"I do believe that you can be a Christian and believe in ghosts," insists James.

He still hunts ghosts in this cemetery and elsewhere around Oklahoma.

He's a full time pastor now, but still seeking answers to questions that may actually be un-answerable until such time as he finds himself in a cemetery as more than just a visitor.

James book is published through Tate Publishing and available for order on

If you're interested in continuing this conversation with Eric, you can contact him on facebook.

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