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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s been a minute.

Go back to 1991 and the hair is a different color.

There’s more of it too.

1991 Great State stories had more standups in them, more goofy ones that didn’t last very long, even thought they’re kind of fun to look at in retrospect.

One thing you can tell right away is that I was trying to do lots of different types of stories, which still holds true.

I was trying to get to places people might not have been, not just sitting at a table and talking, but doing things with or without a camera on my shoulder.

Most of the time I stayed safe.

I did take a few breaks for larger stories, and there was this one time I should have zigged instead of zagged.

Creating memorable pictures is one thing.

Staying alive to tell the story is something I should have considered more carefully in early 1998.

Good pictures drove nearly every Great State story.

If I hadn’t seen it or done it, then I thought it might be worth doing.

As cameras got a little smaller, I managed to take a few more pictures of my surroundings, including me.

There were fewer standups and more of me just asking questions or reacting to something someone might say on camera.

30 years represents more than 5,000 Great State stories from every county, from every corner of Oklahoma.

Few people are lucky enough to find something to do for three decades and counting, but I’m thankful every, single day that I did.

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