Oklahoma Car Dealer is Ready to Sell Anything on the Lot, Except for One

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BLANCHARD, Okla. -- Row after row of cars shine on the Knipplemier lot, new and old, plenty to choose from at this Chevrolet dealership.

Larry Knipplemier's father Ray started it in 1959.

But hidden away among his car collection, in a big shed behind the classic showroom, Larry and his wife Peggy conceal a gem much bigger than the one on her left hand.

"I've had the same car and the same wife for 46 years so I've done something right," says Larry walking hand in hand with his wife.

It's an emerald-green 1967 Camaro that has a history intertwined with their own.

"That's the car we went out in on our first date didn't we?" asks Larry.

"I think so." Peggy replies.

"What did you think when he rolled up in this machine?" asks a visitor. "Did that impress you at all?"

She laughs and says, "Oh. I thought, 'I'm going to marry that man'."

"She just married me for my money," chuckles Larry.

"I think we had $10 when we got married," recalls Peggy.

They keep a picture of the old Camaro decorated on their wedding night.

The happy couple traveled to Dallas for their honeymoon in the same car.

"We had added an air conditioner," Peggy recalls. "Well, it broke and it was about 110 degrees outside, but we still had fun."

The Knipplemiers still sell cars.

That's the family business, 'moving iron' to make money.

So there is a price on this fast Camaro, but it's really high.

"$100,000," says Larry the businessman. "That would buy it."

"Well, maybe." says Peggy with another laugh.

Larry's classic showroom is as much museum as selling point.

He might sell 60 of these beauties in a year, but don't bother with this gem.

It's just as stuck here as the ring on Peggy's finger.

Larry jokes, "Every time she tries to leave I just pack my bags to go with her. Then she comes home because she can't get rid of me."

Peggy laughs and says, "It's been a good ride."

The Camaro's high price keeps climbing.

Every time a customer gets interested Larry or Peggy bump it up.

For more information on the dealership or their classics showroom go to www.knipplemierclassics.com

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