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ENID, OKLAHOMA -- Ladies especially, please don't be upset with Brent Kroeker because he just happens to be the founding father of Man Day.

"We're just having fun, just being goofy," he says. "The first year there were 17 of us."

Just so you know, he and his friends didn't think of the idea on a long walk through the trees on his farm.

Brent was actually on a mission trip to Africa, drilling water wells, when someone started spouting off about Valentine's Day.

"You weren't really talking about abolishing Valentine's Day," queries a visitor.

"Well," Brent smiles. "In a perfect world."

In the spirit of good natured fun, Kroeker hosted the first Man Day shortly after he came home from that trip.

"We understand Valentine's Day for what it is," he admits. "Then we thought it might be fun to do an anti-Valentine's Day for guys. What would that look like."

The one day event now features a lot of guns, including machine guns, even a cannon that fires bowling balls.

They grill a lot of meat, set out huge amounts of junk food, and race old cars on a short dirt track.

Each year more and more people join his big circle.

There might be 400 people these days, which is cool as long as you're a man.

"It's not totally exclusive. It just goes without saying right?" asks the visitor again.

Brent disagrees with a laugh. "It is totally exclusive," he says.

It's an all day party without the smokin' and drinkin'.

The nice thing about it, other than the explosions and car smashing, is that Brent raises thousands of dollars to drill more water wells in Africa.

Man Day needed a reason to grow.

Otherwise he'd be spinning his wheels for no reason, and his wife might never let him have another one.

Man Day 2014 took place March 29th.

In 2013 Brent and friends raised almost $30,000 for their mission work.

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