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GUTHRIE, Okla. — Most people, even miniature horse breeders like Diana Gilger, and Linda and Jim Woods, expect even baby foals to be bigger than this.

“This is Jazz, the mother,” says Diana walking into a tiny stall. “And this is Itty Bitty Hope.

To put matters into some perspective, Itty Bitty Hope’s birth weight and height tied the world record for the smallest horse ever born.

Gilger says, “I had an idea she was going to be small. Her mother wasn’t really showing in the pregnancy.”

Of course Hope’s mother Jazz and father are both miniatures.

Linda had friends who doubted her mare was even pregnant, but on June 18th there she was standing on wobbly legs and defying standard horse sense.

“She’s very sweet,” says Diana. “She’s adorable. I still can’t get over how cute she is.”

Jim and Linda had already agreed to buy this foal before she was born.

They already have a job in mind for Hope too.

Within a couple of years she’ll be the star attraction for Mini Hooves of Love, their miniature horse business.

Jim Woods says, “When you see a child or an adult, either one, their reaction is…”

Jim’s eyes get wide for a moment.

“That’s a big flag that there’s something to this.”

A ranch visitor asks, “So what will be the reaction with Hope? Probably double right?”

Jim’s eyes get even bigger and he says, “It’s going to be like…NO WAY!”

Diana is already handling Hope as much as possible to get her ready.

She rocks her to sleep.

The kids play with her in the house every day.

They all have to keep reminding themselves that this is a horse.

Linda Woods says, “She will be able to go into places that some of the other places can’t get into. And she does have the cuteness factor.”

Itty Bitty will grow some, but for now she stands tall as one of the cutest and most unique animals on the planet.

Itty Bitty Hope was born at the Mystic Rock Miniatures Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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