Great State: Boy Scouts Brave Unusually Snowy Klondike Derby

Great State
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CLEO SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA — It’s not exactly the North Pole but it’s close enough to feel the cold.

A group of about 25 brave, young men sledded into the Williams Scout Reservation to learn a few things about camping in winter.

“Yeah,” said one young Boy Scout. “I have to admit it was pretty cold.”

Organizers had the scouts make a fire to boil water for hot chocolate first.

“It took us a couple of minutes,” said another scout.

“What was the problem?” asked a visitor.

“Um, well, we couldn’t get our matches started,” was the response.

Chad Phillips is actually a Cub Scout master but he remembered enough about his own winter camps when he was a scout to organize this year’s Klondike Derby.

He set up a series of cold weather tests and treks to be navigated on home-made sleds.

“It’s just a little different isn’t it,” states a visitor referring to the abnormally deep snow and cold temperatures.

“Yeah,” chuckles Phillips. “Yeah.”

Talking about what they learned over lunch another group of Enid Boy Scouts said, “Dress in layers. Dress in lots of layers.”

There was one group of scouts who camped over night.

Credit Troop 912 from Perry for braving the cold both Friday and Saturday nights.

“It was pretty cold,” said one scout from the troop.

There are winter seasons in Oklahoma where these gatherings are held without snow on the ground.

2014 marked one February weekend where nature obliged.

The Klondike Derby looked the part too.


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