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LAHOMA, OKLAHOMA -- Feeding time is one of those every day chores you can't escape on the farm.

Glynda Wehrman and her husband Glen get up early to make sure every one of their goats gets its fair share of feed.

They have alpacas and a few cattle, a couple of big Clydesdales, chickens, and cats too.

"Anything that needs adopted or wants to get rid of, says Glynda, "I take them."

Life on a farm follows seasons and daily patters, through dry spells, good years and bad.

Glen Wehrman was born on this farm and worked it until a series of strokes a few years ago brought those old rhythms to a halt.

The strokes affected Glen's speech and his ability to move like he used to.

Glynda explains, "It's quite a life change."

With Glen laid up, the land rented out, Glynda turned nursemaid, and with time on her hands, she turned to her grandparents recipes to figure out a new one for herself.

She had a pile of them falling out of an old notebook.

Glynda took the best and started writing.

"I just decided that I needed to get my mind of something else besides caregiving," she says. "I got everything arranged and just got into in full force."

Out of the oven came sweet rolls, and french toast for breakfast.

She revived a recipe for orange butter. She even found a recipe for making lemonade from lemons.

Glynda figured out, "You can't just dwell on the negative. You have to focus on the positive."

The pages of her new cookbook, called 'Cooking and Critters' also contained her story, pictures of her animals, and good recipes seasoned with her own tough wisdom.

She reaches into a cupboard and pulls out two items to demonstrate. "No one should be without cast iron skillets, and a good handgun. You never know when you're going to have to use it."

Food, shelter, and love. It's amazing how little it takes to live a good life.

The Wehrman's of Lahoma might have always known that deep down.

But it took a storm and some good cooking to produce a new recipe.

'Cooking and Critters' is available through Dorrance Publishing.

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