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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- If there is a single track leading to and from Casey Keller's apartment in Edmond, it's there for shoes.

He walks it every day thinking about shoes and about designing shoes too.

Keller's big dog Gunner has always appreciated his regular walks.

But for more than 6 years now, his path has been all about the shoes.

"I've worked on it every day throughout that 5 to 6 years," he says.

Casey was a student at the University of Central Oklahoma when the idea struck.

He began with the simple concept of a good looking, comfortable, slip-on shoe that athletes could wear to and from their specialty sport.

Keller ads, "I see people that run track wearing KcLacs to the meet, and then when they get to the meet they put on their track spikes. Same thing with a basketball player, football player, baseball player."

He calls them KcLacs.

It's a play on his first name and L. A. C. S. which stands for Luxury, Attitude, Comfort, and Style.

He used to show sketches to potential retailers.

Now he has an actual prototype shoe to show off.

Of the long process from idea to production, Casey says, "There are times when you get frustrated but, at the same time, every time you take a step forward, you get that much closer to the goal you set out on day one, or that I personally saw from day one."

Casey is still waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

He's right at the beginning of a crowdsourcing campaign to raise enough money for manufacturing KcLacs.

"What I'm trying to do is gain local interest to finalize the start-up stage," he says.

"You could be like the Phil Knight of UCO," states a visitor to his apartment headquarters. (Knight is the founder of the NIKE shoe and apparel empire).

"For sure," laughs Keller.

It's been years and many miles since his first design.

There are miles yet to go.

But so far, he's the only one who can walk a mile in KcLacs.

If you're interested in learning more about KcLacs or his crowdfunding campaign go to

or www.indiegogo

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