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DAVIS, OKLAHOMA -- For anyone who's had enough of eating birds, Steve Burrough and his wife Rosalind offer a chance to soar like one. "You don't have to be too worried," says Steve as he rigs up a rock climbing harness on one of his customers. "It's a lot of fun."

It's called Air Donkey Zipline, and the Burroughs weren't fooling around when they decided to create a sense of real adventure. "I didn't want to build the best zipline in the world," says Steve. "But I didn't want a junky one either."

"I tell people if you're not just a little scared of heights then you've got something wrong in your head."

Steve was a biologist for the federal government until he took early retirement. He spent months thinking about building something on this pretty spot west of the town of Davis.

Then it took a lot longer and a lot more money than he planned on to make it real. "The engineers came in and spent three months doing the rigging," he says.

The wait was worth it. The Burroughs' Air Donkey boasts 6 different ziplines. The longest one is 18-hundred feet. The whole tour takes a couple of hours.

By the time you're done you will have seen the Arbuckle Mts. in a whole new way. Rosalind says, "Of all the ziplines that we've been on this one turned out to be the most extreme and it was the one we built. It just turned out that way."

There were a couple of other first time riders along for the ride. Some people hide it better than others but everyone gets nervous when they step off the edge for the first time. "It was fun," says one customer after finishing a zip trip. "I was a little bit nervous but it was great, " says another.

Steve says, "A lot of people come up here and say 'I did this in Costa Rica,' or 'I did this in Vegas,' Then they get up here and they're on their hands and knees."

Six zips, a half-dozen trips, even a sky bridge to cross. Air Donkey takes you on a big circle over the mountains and through the woods.

It won't get you to grandmother's house but you'll have a great time getting back where you started. "Everybody leaves smiling," laughs Burroughs.

Steve and Rosalind like to call Air Donkey 'the best entertainment on cable'. If you'd like to book a tour their website is . Their phone number for reservations is (580) 369-5010.

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