Landscaper mowing to save for new prosthetic legs gets much needed help

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — If you worked every day the grass grew how many lawns could you mow in 3 years? How much could you save? Those were the calculations running through Ron Horton’s head in late September 2019 as he thought about what it would take to save up for new prosthetic legs.
Cut forward to mid-November. The grass stopped growing but Ron’s hopes soared when the Scott Sabolich Prosthetics and Research Lab called the number on his Facebook ad. They’d seen his story. Scott Sabolich himself offered a better timetable for Ron’s new legs. It’s not an easy process. Prosthetic technician Eddie Krische and Ron have to go through a rigorous process of fittings to make sure it’s perfect. Ron himself was turned away for help initially because of a complicated past that included a prison stretch for marijuana possession. But learning to walk through the pain is something Horton had to get used to. Finding a shortcut in the form of much-needed help meant the world. Ron’s business is adding another mowing crew after winter, but the real equipment upgrade is right under his nose. He can’t wait to be able to play a little pickup basketball with his son, and to continue walking, always forward. Click here for Crazy Leggs Lawn Service. For more information on Sabolich Prosthetics, click here.

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