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SULPHUR, OKLAHOMA — He keeps his footfalls quiet.

Farlan Huff walks this path alone, no other Bigfoot hunters around.

“I want to be non-threatening,” he says.

Is he a human ambassador to a different species, or is he wandering further from reality?

He doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks any more.

Huff says, “I’ve gone from wondering what they were to who they are.”

There was a time, just a few years ago, when Huff would show his pictures of what he insists is Bigfoot to anyone who might care to look.

His blurry, images from a motion sensitive camera were enough proof for him.

Like any other ‘respectable’ hunter he came to Bigfoot conferences in the Kiamichi Mountains hoping to capture better, more irrefutable proof.

But somewhere along those walks in the woods a different hypothesis began to emerge.

“I used to think of them as similar to what we all have the notion of cave men looking like,” he says.

Less ape more human the thought.

Perhaps a different approach was in order.

So Farlan stopped his hunts, but he didn’t stop his trips into the woods.

Huff suggests, “If you want to try to have an encounter you’ve got to be respectful.”

Huff lives in Ada now.

He’s had several of his encounters in these woods around the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

He says his new, more diplomatic approach is working.

Farlan recalls, in a recent, night time incident, “There was a voice right in my face. I could have reached right out and touched it if I’d wanted. And it was just in a language I couldn’t understand. It was like, ‘abba roubla boolla boulla.”

Un-hindered by the burden of proof and shunned by the wider society of Bigfoot hunters, Farlan Huff moves about quietly as a kind of Bigfoot Whisperer, hoping that, someday, his kinder efforts will allow him entry into their world.

He says, “I picture myself as an old man with maybe two or three months to live, and I get to bump knuckles with Bigfoot. Like, ‘hey. how ya doin?'”


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Even if his dream comes true, he might never tell a soul.

The annual Bigfoot Conference will take place in Honobia on October 3rd and 4th.

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