Frontier City’s newest ride offers a unique view of the park…upside down

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- It's the biggest new ride in more than a decade at Frontier City say resident ride experts Colin Cruze and Alex Ramsey.

"We're really excited about it," says Alex as he looks up.

The company that built it calls this the 'Super Loop'.

At this amusement park they call it the 'Brain Drain'.

"It's probably going to get busy here in a second," remarks a park visitor.

"Oh yeah," says Colin. "Especially if you're right by it."

Ramsey adds, "It's a great addition to the park because you can hear it all over."

Colin has already ridden this loop more than a dozen times.

Alex is right behind him.

Together, they convinced a middle-age reporter who'd just had lunch that it would be no big deal, no sweat, for him to ride the Brain Drain for the first time.

"It's amazing," he reassured. "It's a really fun ride. You get to see everything upside down. You get to see Frontier City as well as the surrounding areas upside down."

From I-35 the ride looks like a giant letter 'O'.

From the bottom looking up the drain looks every bit of its 72 feet of elevation.

The ride starts with a gentle rocking and moves quickly to rock-n-roll.

"Alex describes the ride, "Pretty much what's going to happen is you rock back and forth, side to side, in anticipation of a full rotation in both directions with a small hang time right at the top. Then you go back the other direction."

Ride operators have some leeway in deciding how long the trip lasts.

Lines are short of a Friday afternoon so we get the full treatment, at least 2 minutes of circling the drain.

Alex and Colin can't get enough.

"I just went sky diving yesterday," says Alex.

"We both went and it was fantastic," says Colin.

With a record month for rain in the Oklahoma books the opening of a giant drain sounds like a pretty good idea.

There are people who will circle lots of times this summer, and there are those who will be proud to say they did it once, and then remember the Brain Drain for the rest of their lives.

The Brain Drain at Frontier City is situated between the Prairie Schooner and the Mind Bender.

It's also really easy to see at night.

The ride came equipped with 21,000 LED lights.

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