He Learned to Play Piano in Brazil but in Oklahoma he learned to love teaching

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- It's class time at Oklahoma City University.

In a large, rehearsal hall young students wrestle with 88 keys on a concert grand, and with their energetic teacher who looks, for all the world, like someone who would prefer taking over the single seat bench to start playing himself.

"I decided to become a musician because I wanted to be an artist," he says.

"Because that provided an outlet for whatever was in your head," asks a visitor?

"Exactly," he responds. "Exactly."

Sergio Monteiro first sat down at the same kind of bench with his mother at age 4.

He wanted to copy the songs she would play for his father every evening.

Once there, his parents couldn't tear him away.

By the age of 15 he'd decided.

"14 through 16. That's the age that you start getting crazy." he says. "You're not a child any more."

His biography describes him as an energetic champion of Brazilian music.

For years he performed around the world, constantly touring.

But five years ao he found a permanent home at OCU.

Here, he learned to love teaching too.

Of his piano students, Monteiro says, "It's very interesting to see their growth as human beings through art."

He still tours.

Almost every facet of his life funnels through the vibration of these strings.

But he has an office with two pianos now.

One is for him.

The other for him to conduct his energy to other players too.

Sergio Monteiro is scheduled to perform at Edmond's Armstrong Auditorium Thursday, November 20 at 7:30pm.

For more information on the concert or on Sergio Monteiro go to www.armstrongauditorium.org

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