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GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA -- Most gardeners don't spend much time in their plots with snow still on the ground.

"No," says Boyd Longnecker. "It's a little nippy."

Longnecker wouldn't be out in his garden and neither would Logan County Extension Agent Haley Rosson if we hadn't suggested it.

"You've got to give me something," says a visitor asking for the smallest hint of the coming spring.

Of course, most everything is still in dormancy.

Longnecker says he plants radishes first and green, leafy vegetables right after, but not until Spring comes.

He reiterates, "We've got to have some warmer temperatures."

So our search for 'green shoots' takes us to the buds on his fruit trees.

You'd think an Alberta Peach tree might bud out first, but not yet.

We check his asparagus patch too.

Boyd digs through the snow and points out, "These are asparagus crowns."

Nothing green here either.

Oklahomans can generally count on warmer weather arriving sometime in the month of March.

It might come in fits and starts but it gains a firm foothold.

Extension Agent Rosson points out, "When the soil temperatures start warming up and staying warm then things will start budding out."

Our search for a little hopeful news during a late cold spell seems a little premature until Boyd checks his carrots.

He planted them last fall, and what do you know.

There are a few carrot tops peeking out from under the straw.

"Here's a green top here!" he exclaims.

Longnecker tends 2 thousand square feet of garden when it really gets going.

Someday soon those carrot tops will yield orange roots.

Cauliflower ears will be the good kind to have, and the brocoli will be a healthy, dark green.

It's not far off say the experts.

In a few more weeks, winter will be a fading memory and the Longnecker garden will be a much busier place.

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