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Great State
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- She keeps them stacked in the well house. Once a month or so Linda Davis grabs a box or two filled with styrofoam cups and takes a short walk toward the road that passes in front of her house. "It looks like you're setting up for a picnic or something," remarks a visitor. "No," she replies. "I'm putting the finishing touches on my school bus."

Linda isn't really setting up for a picnic at all, or for any company that plans to stop. She's setting up for the thousands of drivers who pass on NE 63rd Street, the ones who know to look for her special kind of artwork. "I do get a lot of lookers," says Linda. "People stop and take pictures."

For 20 years now Linda has been posting messages and pictures on a 10 foot, chain-link fence beside her house. The latest image shows a school bus with the words back to school spelled out in cups. When she knew we were coming she put up another sign that said, 'Welcome Galen Culver News4'.

"It started," she says, "when my daughter-in-law spelled out Merry Christmas in white cups one year and I thought I should be able to do something."

It takes thousands of cups to make a picture. Linda spray paints them to complete a picture and then does a little touch up if needed. Her messages represent hours of work, but even after 20 years it's still fun. "I enjoy it." she says. "It it work and sometimes I will grumble about it but then I get a letter from someone."

"For years I have enjoyed the decorations..." starts one thank you note. The Davis' fence has become a landmark over the years. She keeps a whole sack full of letters and cards from people who wrote to say how much they appreciate her efforts. "I guess I've just gotten used to doing this."

From a ten foot fence on a country road, Linda Davis' styrofoam cup 'runneth over'.

The Davis home is at 6610 NE 63rd Street. She's planning on a Labor Day message for September.


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