Great State: OK Student Inventor Expo Offers Solutions for Everyday Problems

Great State
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MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA — Too dark to find something in the bottom of your purse?

Reanna Glenn put a light bulb with a cell phone charger.

“Yeah,” she says after illuminating the inside of a large handbag. “There’s a secret pocket inside.”

Got a messy sandwich on your hands and not in your mouth?

How about Abigail Tardibono’s Food Buddy invention?

She says, “It keeps all of your food from spilling everywhere and making a big mess.”

For answers to these and hundreds of other everyday problems all you have to do is ask imaginative kids like Jared Stewart and Tyler Whitlock who came up with a perfect way to slice pizza.

Their invention is two scissors welded to a triangular sheet of aluminum.

“You put it under the pizza and it makes a perfect slice every time,” says Jared.

“It’s safe for kids,” adds Tyler.

25 years ago there were just a handful of kids who presented ideas for the first Oklahoma Inventors Exposition.

Teacher Betty Wright and inventor Julian Taylor helped organize it.

Betty, now retired, says, “We see even more creativity now.”

Don’t like the taste of dental x-ray slides?

Olivia Atkinson has a spray for that.

“I’ve got a tasty x-ray spray,” she says.

Want to learn to skateboard but don’t want to get hurt?

Gavin Beverly has training wheels for that.

“Have you tried it out,” asks an exposition visitor?

“Yeah,” says Gavin. “Does it work,” is the follow-up question. “Yeah,” says Gavin again.

Caleb Burns has a hearing impaired uncle.

The younger Burns came up with a pillow that doubles as an alarm clock.

“He had a hard time hearing it,” he explains.

Baby brother lost his soothie?

No problem if it’s attached to Tyler David’s Pacifier Positioning System.

“You can find it with the push of a button,” she explains.

So what are kids thinking about?

Moore students Jaden Wattle and Kylie Thompson came up with a safety vest for kids to wear if they’re at school and a tornado hits.

Highlighting one of its many features, Kylie says, “There’s a flashlight that you can shine on one of the reflector strips.”

Kaden Fox from Poteau was thinking about recent school shootings when he came up with his Safe Haven School Desk.

A full scale model would be made of steel and allow single students to lock themselves inside.

He says, “I thought, ‘what can I do to prevent something like that.”

A wealth of ideas and treasure for the best.

Winners in several categories received $150.00 in cash.

Their teachers got the same.

If you’re worried about the future, the solution is probably walking around in here.

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