Great State: Oklahoma’s Largest ‘Corn’ Maze Began With Lonely Farmer

Great State
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CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA -- There was a time just a few years ago when this piece of bottom land north of town was perfect for growing alfalfa.

Nothing really happened to the growing conditions.

What changed took place in the mind of Jerry Reding, who saw bus loads of paying customers visit a farm north of here.

He recalls thinking, "You know if I could just tap into the Chickasha area for schools (field trips) I could make a fortune too."

Jerry and his wife Nancy liked entertaining.

They already had a stage for weekend bands to come and play.

What they didn't have was something to keep people busy, and lost, for hours, a maze bigger than any other in the state.

Reding explains, "I figured to get one going here I'd need the largest maze that there was. That would be a calling card for it."

You'd walk 7 miles if you took every turn.

The Reding's sorghum maze takes up more than 38 acres.

Here's a little reference for you.

This year's theme is pure 'Bedlam'.

"If you don't have the moon, sun or stars as a reference point..."

"You'd have problems at noon on a cloudy day then?" interjects a visitor.

"Yeah," he chuckles. "You would."

The Reding Farm put some other attractions on their place, a big fire pit, sand box, some animals to pet, and a cow ride.

But their maze is keeping everyone busy, especially if you don't bring a map.

"We got lost ourselves a little bit until we got ourselves oriented," says Reding.

The sun dipped a little lower in the west before we find our way back.

Otherwise it's a nice walk through helmets, Pete, and the Sooner Schooner.

Jerry Reding could still make a profit on alfalfa out here, but it would be lonelier too.

The Reding Farm and its big maze opened September 25.

For more information about admission prices and hours of operation go to or call them (405) 222-0624.

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