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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- When something like cheese comes at you in hundreds of different varieties you need someone like Kehau Montero to tell you the difference between Camembert and Leicester, and to let you know it's okay to lack faith in your choice of cheeses because she started out ignorant too.

"The good thing is you can come in any time," she giggles.

"String cheese, Velveeta, Kraft," she adds. "That used to by my normal cheese."

A decade ago she put on an apron in a Whole Foods Market and started an education that would changer her life.

She dove into cheese studies like a hungry mouse.

"There are new things every day," she says.

Now she is one of a fewer than 500 people world-wide who can say they're a Certified Cheese Professional.

Kehau insists, "It's a real thing."

She had to take a test.

Montero is also the only 'CCP' in Oklahoma.

"It's pretty cool to represent Oklahoma," says Montero. "I always want to get people excited about what they're eating and where it came from."

Kehau helped open the extensive cheese counter in the Oklahoma City store.

We asked her to narrow down one cheese she couldn't live without.

She answered, "My favorite cheese, if I had to live on an island with just one cheese, it would be Tallegio. It's from Italy."

Kehau holds up a pretty looking cheese made with beer.

She points out another one just approved by the FDA.

The makers had tiny bugs called cheese mites chew on the outside as part of the processing.

"That really infuses the cheese with more flavor," she says.

"What do they put on there?" asks an incredulous visitor.

"Cheese mites," she repeats. "They flush them so they're not on there now."

With names like Midnight Moon, Somerdale Huntsman, and Campo de Montalban there are so many cheeses out there to taste.

Kehau Montero says eve she couldn't ever taste them all.

So she just sticks to these and hangs around long enough to tell us which ones to buy.

The Oklahoma City Whole Foods Market boasts nearly 300 different cheeses.

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