Great State: One of OK’s First Leafs

Great State
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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- Breakfast at the Dempsey's is pretty quiet these days.

No arguments between Ben, Jenifer and son Ian, not even about who gets to drive their newest car.

"It's a great driving car," says Ben. "It's got lots of power."

Mr. Dempsey is taking his old pickup on this day.

Jenifer walks out a few minutes later to unplug their all electric, Nissan Leaf.

"Well we've had it since may," she says. "So that's a pretty long honeymoon and we still love it."

They saw one on a summer trip to the Gulf Shore. "We'd never seen one before," recalls Jenifer.

The owner let the Dempseys take it for a spin sight unseen.

Last May they tool the plunge and became one of the first five in Oklahoma to buy one, but only after crunching the numbers several times.

Ben figures, "80 cents per day, 2 cents a mile is about what it takes to operate."

Jenifer agrees, "We save six dollars every day in gas we don't use."

It's got four wheels, steering wheel, and turn signal. Their Leaf is a car with all the stuff cars usually have.

Jenifer notices it's different at intersections when she can't hear the motor. "I think, oh no. The car died."

She also notices when she passes a gas station. No more pump price comparisons.

She shrugs her shoulders and says, "I don't know how much gas costs and I don't care."

Mr. Dempsey is usually the winner of the 'who gets the car' argument if you can call it that.

His 50 to 60 mile daily commute has never run a charge down to empty.

It's supposed to run a hundred miles before needing power.

"We have had no problems with the car," he says.

Jenifer and Ben just keep driving it short distances every day, loving every cost per mile so far.

Jenifer chimes in, "We're saving 15-hundred dollars in gas we don't buy every year."

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