Great State: Small Vintners in Lahoma Say Success in Wine Making, Keep Things Simple

Great State
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LAHOMA, OKLAHOMA — Hand on, low overhead. Con Pekrul keeps it simple as head vintner, head bottler, and bottle washer at the Plain View Winery.

“This is pretty much how my day is filled,” says Con as he ‘fills’ bottle after bottle from a big, plastic bucket.

Today’s vintage is something Con calls ‘Oh My’.

It’s a mixture of several different grape varieties.

Nothing too special. Just a little something to pull from the ‘fridge for dinner.

The Pekrul family has been in the wine business for more than a quarter century keeping things simple ever since his mother’s first batch of strawberry wine.

“She started all this chaos,” chuckles Con.

Lahoma, Oklahoma isn’t Napa Valley. Con and family learned early that wine making didn’t necessarily require growing grapes.

“Then what’s the secret to being a succesful Oklahoma vintner,” asks a visitor?

“Not growing your own grapes from my standpoint,” says Pekrul. “Really, to have a strong customer base.”

Plain View produces a veritable Baskin Robbins of wine flavors (at one time they really did have 30).

They’ve found a lot of faithful customers who come to their place west of Enid, Oklahoma.

They’ve won a few regional awards, and they’ve kept it simple, not too pretentious, maybe the way a bottle of wine should be.

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