Great State: The 2 Legged Cat from Edmond Who Became an Internet Star

Great State
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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- He walks like a duck, but has whiskers like a cat. Meet Mercury, an 11 month old kitten who gets by just fine on two legs, and who lives quietly 'offline' with Scott Bohn and his wife in Edmond.

"It is a little funny," says Scott, "Because we have people from all over the world telling s what a great cat he is, and , to us, he's just Mercury."

When he was only 4 days old, at 5 ounces, his eyes still closed, a work crew clearing tall grass with a string trimmer ran into his resting place.

Mercury lost his front legs and the tips of his toes on the back legs.

The first video they took and posted to YouTube was Mercury moving by himself to get a dropper full of milk.

Scott says, "I thing it's just the fact that he never gives up. If he wants something or he sees a goal that he wants he finds a way to do it."

The Bohns kept pushing their little kitten to do more, to stand up, to play like other cats, even to climb stairs.

He passed every test and his videos went viral.

"We went from 5 or 6 thousand fans to having over 50,000 fans in less than a week."

"That was Spring."

"So you have first hand experience of what it's like to 'go viral'," remarks a visitor.

"Yes. I have," he responds, "Or at least he has. We're just his anonymous staff."

He might be just another member of the family to the Bohns, but to thousands of others he's an inspiration.

Raising Mercury has been fun, they say.

Seeing Mercury's flame of fame grow hotter makes for the kind of feel good story even dog lovers can't resist.

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