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Great State
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SHAWNEE, OKLAHOMA — It’s funny how many problems you can solve over a cup of coffee, the fresh ground kind, served hot, and quick.

“It’s a passion,” says John Bunch, who always knew that.

So did his partner John Sharpley. But neither one ever knew they could solve a problem with the coffee business over coffee.

“We really did,” they both laugh. “John was a big coffee lover and he kept coming in the office to get some,” recalls Sharpley.

Their machine doesn’t look like much sitting in their company break room, but they both say their automated barista is about to revolutionize America’s most popular beverage.

Sharpley boasts, “We’ve been pulled into Europe, South America, and Canada. It’s growing very quickly.”

Their AutoPerk machine grinds your beans, adds a little steamed, fresh milk, and flavoring if you want it.

Maybe you just want an espresso or mocha. This German made machine serves it all in less than thirty seconds, and doesn’t waste a drop.

“Cost control, and consistency,” says Bunch about the AutoPerks qualities. “It’s just a great cup of coffee.”

Swipe your credit card, or pretty soon put your phone up to the sensor, and it’s paid for.

Sharpley demonstrates with an I-Pad, “scan the bar code and it will produce your cup of coffee.”

Up to now the old Shawnee Hospital building was most famous for being actor Brad Pitt’s birthplace.

Now more and more people are calling in or showing up with leads about where to put their brewing devices.

“Hospitals, casinos, hotels,” says Sharpley. “Restaurants and large, corporate buildings,” Bunch chimes in.

They can’t seem to put them together fast enough these days.

Bunch and Sharpley, and the rest of the start-up staff partnered with a premium Italian coffee company to supply the automatic barista.

Everyone is working long hours and drinking a lot of coffee, but no one seems to mind.

When it flows this easy it tastes even better.

Perk Dynamics drink machines work with smoothes and tea drinks as well. If you want more information about the company or the automated barista here’s a website.



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