Great State: They Close the Streets in Anadarko When Adam Davidson Celebrates Halloween

Great State
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ANADARKO, OKLAHOMA -- He bought enough candy to fill dozens of wicker baskets.

Adam Davidson said, "We have around 50 gallons of candy."

We also found Adam still working on his own Batman costume.

But on the Thursday morning before Halloween, the costume for the house was complete.

"Well, this year we've turned it into Gotham City," he said while spray painting graffiti on an empty spot of plywood. "We have Batman. We have Joker. We've just basically taken it over."

He pulls each year's theme from the bottom of a hat.

"What was the first year?" asks a visitor.

"The first year was Nightmare Before Christmas," he said.

Adam had been hoping for the Gotham theme for 7 years, ever since he began decorating his grandmother's house for Trick-or-Treat.

Each one got a little bigger.

As if the front weren't impressive enough, he showed us the intricate scaffolding that shored up the back too.

Adam and his dad spent weeks hammering and painting.

He was particularly proud of his giant Joker portrait this year.

"I never knew I was this good until I started doing these Halloween things," he chuckled.

Davidson's work has always paid off in crowds of children, all in costume.

They come for the decorations, the candy, and to see a grown man who, believe it or not, never liked trick-or-treating himself.

"What I enjoyed was seeing people come up and show their costumes," he said. "So I thought, 'why don't I give a place for kids to come to that's not too scary and that kids will enjoy?"

Thousands of them file through every year, so many they close the streets around his corner of Kentucky and SW 7th Streets.

Davidson said, "Me and my dad are always out here wandering around. We actually come out and surprise people. I'll be in my full-dress Batman suit."

The party goes on till an hour before midnight every year.

Pretty good for a boy in a man's costume who still doesn't like to go trick-or-treating, so he figured out a way to bring the whole town to him.

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