Great State: Unexpected Guests for Easter, 3 Orphan Ducklings

Great State
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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- His new downy friends aren't unwelcome guests, not if Tate Bleakely has anything to say about it.

His grandfather named them Huey, Dewey, and Louie not long after Tate's parents brought them over.

Instead, grandmother Mary Beth Schaff prefers to call them something else.

"They're unexpected guests," offers a backyard visitor.

She agrees, "Unexpected guests. Right. Who needed a shot at making it."

Tate's mom and dad found these three ducklings at a Norman pond.

They were different ages, different parentage, but swimming together.

Mary Beth says, "What I figure is that someone bought them thinking they were very cute and would be very cute for Easter, and maybe they couldn't take care of them when they got home."

The ducklings are a domesticated variety and they wouldn't quit following the family even to their car.

"We've had them ever since," she adds. "And we're taking care of them until we find them a home."

Mary Beth is long known in her Norman neighborhood for taking in strays of different varieties.

Once loaded up into the back of the car, Tate knew just where to take his new friends.

Mary Beth smiles, "Ducks, squirrels, dogs. You know, we'll always harbor them until we find a home for them, but yeah."

You can question the judgement of a photographer lending a camera to a 2-year-old just as you question the judgement of buying a duckling without knowing where you'll keep it or how you'll care for it.

Now, even Tate knows his friends will have a good home soon.

His mom made a few inquiries at work.

Just before Easter Tate said his goodbyes knowing, at least for these 3, there was a chance at new life.

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