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More than a dozen children who live with their families at the local City Rescue Mission finally got the chance to see their own photography Friday, November 1st.

We first met these kids in August. Celebrity photographer Linda Solomon founded a program called Pictures of Hope.

With Chevrolet as a sponsor, she handed out digital cameras as gifts to homeless children all over the country, in 12 cities this year.

She asked them to take a picture of something they hoped for.

The lists they made to get them thinking revealed some big dreams, but most were heartbreakingly simple.

“I think the kids just really opened their hearts and revealed so many special things,” said Solomon at the artists reception.

“They are things we sometimes take for granted but, certainly, they are things the children at the City Rescue Mission never take for granted.”

So at the Hudiburg Chevrolet dealership in Midwest City, the kids who took pictures back in August were able to recognize their work right away.

Photographer Xavier Espinoza found message on a street sign.

“My dream is for an opportunity instead of a dead-end,” he read.

We spoke with Mathew Hicks and his friend Mykell Bell back in August as they were formulating their own ideas.

On Friday, their Pictures of Hope went up too just like the others.

Mathew took a picture of a Bible verse. His hope read, ‘My dream is for the world to be a better place.’

“I think ours is pretty good,” said Hicks, standing with a group of fellow photographers.

“What!?,” asked another friend.

“All of us,” said Hicks.

Dave Hudiburg is used to selling new Chevrolets in his showroom.

On this afternoon, he was happy to give these young photographers a little free pride.

“Yes. They were very proud of their pictures,” he said. “And now that they’re for sale and people can buy them it’s a great opportunity for them.”

All of the proceeds from the Pictures of Hope greeting cards will go back to the City Rescue Mission.

The hope these simple messages represents endures.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of cards from the Pictures of Hope campaign call (405) 232-2709, or order from the rescue mission website at

To learn more about the Pictures of Hope campaign go to