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BEAVER, Okla. (KFOR) — The dunes whisper as they move, blown by a prairie wind.

They cover fresh tracks, but not strange tales.

“I’m a huge baby about stuff like this,” admits a local podcaster named Marnie Vinge.

She hosts a show called ‘Eerie Okie’ and has heard the stories of unexplained disappearances at what is now a city park.

First came a tale from the explorer Francisco Coronado whose expedition diary spoke of losing three soldiers in a blinding green flash.

A pioneer woman is rumored to have disappeared under similar circumstances in 1897, then a visitor from Colorado in 1987.

Nothing can be confirmed.

So far, it’s all shifting sand.

“I don’t know,” she says. “I think it’s really fun to believe. I want to believe, like the X-Files.”

There are nearly 600 acres here.

The sand comes from the nearby Beaver River.

Park Ranger Heath Noyes says the place gets busy in summer with campers and off-road vehicles.

No, he insists, he doesn’t keep a file on missing persons.

No, he doesn’t have any firsthand accounts of unexplained green light flashes.

“I’ve seen lots of stuff,” he chuckles, “But I don’t think any of it’s paranormal.”

But he does welcome anyone who wants to visit.

“The people who actually live out here,” he says, “We’re pretty proud of this place. We take any chance we can to talk about it.”

Conjecture from darker corners of the web consists of a possible cave system beneath the dunes leading to some kind of mystical doorway to another dimension, a native shaman’s portal.

Another hypothesis, the dunes may hide the wreckage of an alien spacecraft.

“I definitely think something must happen out here,” says Vinge.

Noyes heard all the ‘white noise’ when he took the ranger job several years ago.

It didn’t scare him off.

“People just couldn’t wait to tell me about it,” he says.

Marnie Vinge isn’t frightened either unless you turn out the lights.

She admits, “I would not be the one to lead an expedition out here.”

It’s a fun subject for barstools and campfires.


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Venturing further risks stepping from the foundations of truth into the quicksands of myth.

The city of Beaver took over operations of the park from the State of Oklahoma several years ago.

For more information go to the park Facebook page here.