Guthrie towing service turns wrecks to gems when traffic is light

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GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA — When the weather is clear and the traffic light, long time tow truck operator Jerry Jones doesn’t have to look far for projects to occupy his spare time.

“There are days that go by and we don’t have a wrecker call at all,” he says. “So we have all day to do things you know.”

He was a mechanic before starting Jerry’s Wrecker Service south of Guthrie.

So Jerry collects old wrecks and then turns them back into automotive gems.

Describing what might be a typical business day, Jones says, “You might come in at midnight and there’s snow on the ground. You can’t go back to sleep so you just sit out in the garage and work a little bit.”

He bought this old bus for $150.00 once and spent two years turning it into his own motor home.

“It’s a 1946 Flexible,” he says. “It’s another one of those spare time, 2 year projects.”

He got a good deal on an old car haul trailer and restored that too.

His finished, spare time projects and collections occupy all kinds of space on his lot.

Each one came from the scrap heap and through the head of a man who just can’t seem to sit still.

“That’s where all this came about,” states Jones.

A few short years ago this old, ten seat diner was a shed and chicken coop in nearby Meridian, Oklahoma.

He describes the few original items in it prior to restoration.

“All that was here was this counter here with no tops, and these cabinets up here.”

Jerry bought it and spent the next four years restoring the old Patti Lynn to mint condition.

“Is it fully functional,” asks a visitor”

“Oh yeah,” he replies. “You could actually go to work in it.”

People who get lost off the Interstate sometimes drive up to see if it’s open, but it’s not.

Jones and family use it for parties.

Jerry comes over to make himself a sandwich or burger when he’s hungry, but never when he’s bored because that doesn’t happen often.

Jerry’s Wrecker is either busy on the highway or its owners are busy restoring wrecks of all types.

‘Time is money’ goes the saying.

Down time here is productive too.


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