STILLWELL, Okla. (KFOR) – Of all the people taking advantage of a lovely Earth Day afternoon at Adair Park in Stillwell, two men sitting at a picnic table might not garner a second look unless you got close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.

D.W. Lee tells the story of what he saw a few years ago while four-wheeling on a dark trail barely 10 miles from where they sit.

“My headlights caught two Bigfoot carrying a 300-pound calf,” he states.

Lee has told his story of encountering two (maybe three) large, hairy creatures before, but never in this context, and never as someone like Jim Whitehead listened and brought the traumatic experience to life through sketching.

Lee admits, “It kind of makes me shiver a bit from the whole encounter.”

Whitehead has a history of his own Sasquatch sightings to draw from.

He started sitting down with people who had encounters of their own several years ago.

“A lot of people actually like to have me do this if only for their own sake,” he says, “just so they can have something to say, ‘this is what I saw’.”

At symposiums, festivals, or hunts for these creatures, he slowly collected a unique archive of eyewitness accounts.

He sketches them in pencil offering a forensic record of what a certain number of people out there insist they’ve seen.

“Is this pretty close?” Jim asks, holding up his sketch.

“Yes,” replies D.W.

The picture D.W. Lee remembers from that night is of two large creatures carrying a yearling calf, walking away from him into the night.

The sketch Whitehead renders is far from proof.

No one he’s interviewed has ever argued that, but he says his subjects do find some solace in the exercise, a picture of something strange they remember happening when no one else was around.


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Jim Whitehead was a presenter at the 2023 Bigfoot Symposium in Stillwell in March.

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