Her name is Fred and she’s henpecked her way to the heart of this Oklahoma town

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WAYNE, Okla. (KFOR) – Just so you know right away, Fred is a guinea hen that Daphne over at Smiley’s Convenience store named before anyone in town knew much about how to tell a male from a female.

“I think one of our local guinea raisers looked and told us it was a hen,” admits Fred fan Kristie Smith.

She showed up when the weather was still pretty warm and there were still lots of bugs to clean off screens and bumpers on Shannon Street.

Smith and Tammy Little both got to know her quickly.

“She’s got her little routine,” continues Kristie. “She starts at Smiley’s in the morning. She cleans cars there. Then she comes around behind city hall and eats a little chicken feed, and she comes over here to the Junky Chick to eat more chicken feed.”

Fred had a friend when she first got to this part of town.

The friend ‘flew the coop’ but Fred stayed to the delight of her devoted fan base who took to watching her every move.

Tammy says, “She’ll run up to cars and start eating bugs off of them. If you leave your door open she’ll try to get in your car. I don’t know if she wants to get in there and snoop or she wants to go bye-bye.”

On the day we were there shooting Fred got signs and balloons, one on the highway, another at the Junky Chick flower shop, and one more at Smiley’s, and that’s not all.

Another local fan opened a Facebook account in the name of Fred Guinea whose profile indicates a like for hiking and who seems to reply to comments on her own posts.

“She’s out here by herself and she loves being around people,” claims Little.

If Fred were a turkey this would really be a big story this week.

But regardless of what kind of bird she is you have to hand it to her for showing up and gaining enough friends to keep her in chicken scratch and to keep her safe in this Oklahoma town.

Little says, “She’s here and we’re loving her.”

If you’re curious about what’s happening to Fred you can hop on her Facebook page here.

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