His mode of transportation is a motorized wheelchair but the stereo system, towed by a trailer, is one of a kind

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STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) — He cruises the streets of his neighborhood like anyone else might in a car.

Andre Edge is very well known for driving his motorized wheelchair through this subdivision and waving to anybody who might wave back.

“I wave at people,” states Edge, who suffers from cerebral palsy. “That’s all I do.”

That’s how Josh Fletcher and his son got to know him.

Josh was out front watching his son ride his bike when Andre showed up to watch.

“He’d get a little closer, and a little closer,” Fletcher recalls, “and the next thing you know we were talking for half an hour by the curb.”

“Me and Josh came closer by the minute,” Andre agrees.

They had a love for music in common.

Andre likes to listen while he rides.

Josh actually works for a local company that makes speakers.

“Andre used to cruise around the neighborhood listening to music on his phone which sounded awful but he liked it,” Fletcher says.

So Josh started thinking one day about how to give his friend a stereo upgrade, a big one.

Pointing to a custom built system on wheels, Josh describes, “We have a marine Kicker KX 800.5 amplifier with two 10 inch sub woofers.”

His answer, after consulting with his boss and Kicker, was to built a speaker trailer that had all the power of a genuine car stereo.

As Josh adjusts the volume through a bluetooth connecter on Andre’s phone, Edge says, “Now it’s going to get kind of loud.”

Andre got a fancy new chair for his July birthday, and the surprise part came right behind.

Those new speakers were the ticket.

Neighbors know he’s coming now because their windows rattle.

“We wanted it to be as loud as we could get it,” smiles Fletcher.

“People can hear you coming now,” comments a neighborhood visitor.

“Yep,” agrees Edge. “They sure can.”

Josh took a few pictures to capture the kind of smile that only comes when you feel something way down deep, like a good friendship, or a bass drum that sends shivers right down to the toes.

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