Hovering Above Lookeba, OK

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LOOKEBA, OKLAHOMA — The house sits on a hilltop in Caddo County.

Sonny House lives here with hundreds of tiny guests.

“They’re coming and going all the time,” he says. “You look out the window sometimes and they’re just going up and down.”

His father fed them when he lived on the property.

The Houses have always provided a home for hummingbirds.

“Like Hank Williams. It’s a family tradition I guess,” Sonny chuckles.

From April to October they roost in the scrub oak, light on the crepe myrtle, and gorge on sugar water.

Sonny carries on the tradition of playing gentle host.

Every once in a while his guests arrive in great numbers.

“There’s at least 150,” he guesses.

“I figured it up. They drink at least 92 ounces of sugar water a day.”

He doesn’t know why the cluster.

Sonny just sits back and enjoys the show.

Ruby Throats and Black Chins, both species battle for aerial position.

They chirp and buzz.

Hummingbird harmony even drowns out the buzzing cicadas.

“They’d rather fight as to eat when they’re hungry,” says House.

He doesn’t feel like he can leave when the hummingbird count is this high.

They drink.

He stays busy refilling bottles of nectar.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “You can’t take off and go to Houston. You have to be here at least once a day.”

They don’t swarm for long.

These numbers are less than they were only a few days before we visited.

Hundreds, nonetheless, find nourishment and fertile breeding ground on the House hilltop.

Hovering, darting, jabbing to their hearts content.

Sonny House agrees. “I get my money’s worth.”

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