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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — Let’s say you live out-of-state but you saw a cool ad for this sweet Audi sports car.

The seller included some pictures, but you want to be sure.

“We really need to capture any kind of damage that’s on the vehicle,” says Chris Lucas as he circles the car taking pictures with his cell phone.

“It could be a deal breaker for sure,” he says.

Lucas is on the job as we speak.

He’s what you call a ‘Looker’.

“It sounds like a compliment,” says an observer, “but it’s your job?”

“That’s right,” smiles Lucas.

Chris works for a relatively new company in the OKC tech sector call We Go Look.

Robin Smith helped found it after a conversation with a friend who saw something he wanted on EBay back in 2009.

“He wanted to make sure the item actually existed and he said, ‘I sure wish I had someone to go look at that for me.’ ”

They started with individual business customers buying heavy equipment and other expensive stuff.

Smith says, “I think what people don’t realize is that we’re a mobile technology platform.”

There were inspectors already working in the car and insurance business.

Robin and her team of software people simplified the process.

They made it faster and easier to use.

“Absolutely. Super simple,” says Smith.

Late last year We Go Look signed up with the biggest insurance company in the United States.

They inked a deal with eBay early this year.

That nice, little idea turned We Go Look into a multi-million dollar company pretty fast.

Robin says, “We’re creating solutions in a whole new market.”

That’s why they can’t put cubicles together fast enough at company headquarters, why the phones are ringing all the time, and why Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett drops by for any welcome news he can get in a down economy.

“Entrepreneurs in the tech industry want to be around other entrepreneurs in the tech industry,” says Cornett. “So if you start to grow that it can really mushroom into something special.”

There are some 20,000 Lookers around the world now, people like Debbie O’Dell, who dropped by this condo in the ‘Deep Deuce’ district to take a few pictures for a client.

After all, a buyer or renter can’t come hundreds of miles just to look for themselves.

We Go Look can do the job no problem and have a report ready within a day or two.

Information is power in the buyer’s case.

Information is money for We Go Look.

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