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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s a busy garage shop these days south of town.

Kris Morgan and, on this day, his friend Maggie Bertwell, are putting together a flag for a World War II veteran named John Pioro from North Carolina.

His grandson turned in a nomination to Kris’ Facebook page.

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Kris Morgan

For Kris, this is flag number 922.

“It’s changed my life,” he declares. “It’s given me a sense of purpose and love.”

He started three years ago coming off a decade of depression and seizures caused by an accident in the Air Force that left him with permanent disabilities.

“I did spend about 10 years in major depression,” he echoes.

To change direction, he needed direction.

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The stars…

Kris found it in making wooden flags and donating them to worthy fellow veterans.

“It’s given me hope, drive and push,” he continues.

Starting off in a Del City garage, then moving this spring to a bigger place in Guthrie, Kris’ mission grew in scale as help came in.

The Heart of a Lion Foundation helped him get settled.

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The stripes…

The new shop is soon to have an AC unit thanks to another donation from a social media friend.

“It’s people like that making this whole thing happen,” he smiles.

“Right now, I’m making about 40 to 45 flags per week.”

Making his new mission in life work meant selling some larger flags to offset his material costs.

His list of flags to donate free remains more than 100 names long.

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The completed piece.

Sometime later this summer, Kris has something special in mind to give away his 1,000th flag.

He smiles again, “I got a big thing coming for number 1,000.”

As Independence Day approaches, he thinks, as many of us do, about or nation’s symbol of freedom.

But he also ponders what he’s achieved in his garage, playing his own version of Stars and Stripes forever.

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Flags 4 Vets

Morgan says, “I have many, many years left of doing this. I’m going to do this till the day I die.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Kris Morgan’s Flags for Vets Made by Vets, you can find it on his Facebook page or his website.