How this Cordell mother of six learned to use her ‘babies’ as bait to catch fish

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CORDELL, Okla. (KFOR) – Rain or shine, snow or cold, Connie Slaughterback thinks about what it might take to catch a fish using her own babies as bait.

It’s not as grim as it sounds.

But it’s been more than two decades now that this mom of six left a factory job to take over a small business that made fishing lures even though, to be fair, she had been kind of a fair-weather caster.

Connie recalls she and her dad, “Digging worms and going to the pond, and seining for water dogs.”

So Alluring Lures and Tackle started taking over her husband’s Slaughterback Heating and Air Conditioning storefront space.

Connie’s Lead Baby lures grew to different sizes but never lacked for quality.

Always six or seven coats of good paint, ‘rattlers’ or noise makers right on the outside so fish could hear them, and the best treble hooks she could find.

“Hooks by the thousands,” she smiles grabbing another handful from the Eagle Claw box.

Connie also listened to other fishermen when they came in to tell ‘fish stories’ so she could learn what they liked.

“You bump them off the bottom. Bottom bumping is what they call it,” explains Slaughterback.

“It acts kind of like an injured shad,” prompts her visitor?

“It does,” she agrees. “It does.”

Bass Pro shops and smaller bait stores all over Oklahoma and Texas call Connie all the time to order more Lead Babies.

Last year she had a little trouble keeping up with demand because lead manufacturing went way down.

This winter she’s catching up on her inventory.

“I call it back stock.” she says.

“A lot of people who use these,” she shows us in her bait shop out front, “know they can come here and I’ve always got them.”

For more information on Connie’s Lead Babies Slabs go to her Facebook page here.

On another cold, winter day not long ago, a customer made a comment that set the hook on her own kind of fulfillment.

He told her what these lures really provide for the people who put them on their lines.

“He said, ‘you know, you make people happy. You make the best fishing lures and we go out and catch fish with them and it just makes our day.’ I said, ‘you just made my day’.”

That’s the kind of Allure that never lets go.

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