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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA—- Last Fall this frozen chunk of ground meat was running around the Oklahoma cross timbers. A week ago it was still frozen inside a local taxidermy. Tonight venison is on the menu at the local Salvation Army. “We’ve got onions, peppers, a little taco seasoning,” says celebrity chef Scott Layseth. “It’s the taco bar here tonight.”

Layseth has a cooking show on something called The Sportsman Channel that Cox Communications is now offering to Oklahoma City audiences. Scott’s about to launch a new show called ‘Dead Meat’. “Picture Anthony Bourdain meets Swamp People,” he says.

To promote themselves the Sportsman Channel has this thing they’re doing called Hunt. Fish. Feed. where they take donations from local hunters and turn it into good food for the homeless. Terry’s Taxidermy offered up more than a thousand pounds of venison. A Cox spokesperson said, “I was told this is the largest donation that we’ve gotten for all the Hunt.Fish.Feeds we’ve done across the country.”


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That statement brought joy to Salvation Army representatives like Heidi Brandeis. “Absolutely, because every dollar counts,” she says. “If we get donated meat then that means we get to spend more money on things like housing.”

The venison tacos are served with black beans and all the fixin’s, enough to feed 300. Part of the team providing the meal is someone featured on the “Great State” segment before. Steve Glass is the inventor of a product called Trophy Bag Koolers. They were originally designed to keep fresh kills fresh. His new bags worked perfectly for getting all that donated meat to the kitchen. “The soft sided cooler bags worked perfect,” he says. “We tucked them into the back of a truck and took them all the way to Tulsa.”

Sometimes a good idea takes the right people to carry it out. In the end, for one night at least, the best of intentions met just enough inginuity to create a delicious meal for the people who need it most.