Ideas All the Time: This Velma, OK woman has a lifetime of inventions working.

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VELMA, OKLAHOMA-- From decorating the house for Christmas, even to taking out the trash, Kelly Brown has always been one of those people constantly thinking about how to do things better.

So how about an elastic band around the edge of a small garbage bag to help hold it onto the lid?

What about a magnet on the edge of your soup or ice cream bowl to keep the spoon from falling in?

As a long time manicurist, Kelly got her first patent in 1996 for this little device that kept her own nails perfect while handling polish remover.

The Manicure Saver did pretty well.

A few magazines picked it up and the product is still available.

Christmases came and went.

She went back to being a mom and wife, but the ideas never stopped.

What about a robe with a hair turban attached to the back?

Kelly had to take a sewing class to make the prototype but a successful Kickstarter campaign and a little expertise from a Sharktank producer saw her waiting on the first shipment of the Hair Turban Robe due before Christmas.

Any inventor, even one still wet behind the ears, will tell you it takes patience and thick skin to bring a product that starts with a wet head all the way to something you can actually sell.

Kelly Brown says her robe project was easier this time around.

Plus, Christmas, this year, is already solved.

Kelly Brown already sold nearly half of the first shipment of 1,000 robes before they even arrived.

Her Manicure Saver invention was due for a Home Shopping Network segment on November 24.

For more information on her Kickstarter campaign go to

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