‘It Ends In a Pie Fight’: Experimental clown show in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- If you took a clown's bag of tricks and blew it up, that describe the inside of The Root on this Friday night.

"We're just here for innocent fun and silliness," says Ben Doray in white face make up and a bright, red nose.

Before paying customers, before the first beer poured, Doray, Chelsiea Ryan, and a whole cast of clowns were setting up for a unique show in Oklahoma City or any place.

"We are a circus collective of circus artists who do circus arts things," Doray explains.

Ben is the clown who takes most of the credit or blame for the Clown Arts Collective and this show titled, "It Ends In a Pie Fight."

"It ends in a pie fight," says Chelsea, matter of factly.

Ben elaborates the obvious, "It's a promise in the title. 'It Ends In a Pie Fight.'"

We're going way beyond circus here.

The Pie Fight show has some music, some bad jokes, a contortionist, a magician, a little drag. It's not a kids' show, definitely not a kids' show.

But, for the audience, most of them dressed as clowns too, this review is a bacchanal with heavy makeup.

Ryan says, "We have a structure but whatever happens, happens."

And at the end, no matter what anyone thinks of what just happened, the Clown Arts Collective supplied enough shaving cream to get everyone a decent shot at someone near them.

"Yeah," says Ryan. "That's the best part about it."

Doray follows, "The point is we get to throw pies, and that's how we come together."

This show really did end with a pie fight, a delivery on the promise, and the only thing predictable about this kind of experimental theater.

This was the second 'Pie Fight' show for the Clown Arts Collective.

To see more pictures or to find out what the collective is planning next go to their page on Facebook.

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