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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – The options for radio are just about endless these days, from AM to FM, to satellite, and not to mention downloaded content.

Sonja Vaugh knows all about it from her own commute and going backward in time to her own radio days as an on-air personality on several different radio stations with their own formats.

“It’s been like a full circle journey,” she smiles.

But a couple of years back another old radio friend, Charles Edwards, called with an interesting proposition, bringing back the Smooth Jazz format to Edmond and North Oklahoma City from this very small radio station currently broadcasting from the second floor of a real estate office.

“I missed it,” he admits. “Now I’m the only ballgame and I like this station. I don’t have any competition.”

Edwards had also worked at a few local radio stations like 1340 The Groove at KTNT when they had jazz and RnB formats.

He eventually retired from a job at General Motors, but still felt he needed something to listen to so he obtained a license to broadcast at 97.7FM and brought back his favorite music.

“Every day I wake up and have something to do,” he says. “Phone calls, etc.”

They’ve been back on the air for a couple of years now, playing smooth jazz, and producing some public affairs shows.

KCYI is non-profit which means getting shows underwritten, obtaining sponsorships, soliciting donations, and nobody getting rich.

“It’s a labor of love,” smiles Vaughn. “Like anything else.”

Sonja and Charles, and their very small staff figure there are at least 86,000 people who can get their signal between north Oklahoma City and Edmond.

They’re also counting on just enough of them to feel like they do when good, smooth jazz comes on the radio.

The world slows down a little, and everything feels just right again.

KCYI-FM ‘The City’ still broadcasts at 97.7FM but they’re upgrading their antennae to strengthen their signal which means an incremental move to 97.5FM.