INOLA, Okla. (KFOR) – The Chupps Consignment Auction has been bringing big crowds of bargain hunters together with unique items since 1972.

Auctioneers race down long lines of stuff selling as fast as they can. Brandon Mendoza took a late call to drive 200 miles on a Saturday morning to help out.

He’s especially busy now because, in late July, he became a Junior World Champion as crowned by the National Auction Association.

“We put the work in and it paid off,” he tells us between sales. “To be a world champion is an extreme honor.”

A couple of weeks later, he won another big auctioneer contest in Kentucky.

Part of being a good auctioneer, he continues, “You mean what your sell and you guarantee that product for what it is.”

That’s pretty good for a first generation, self taught, fast talking salesman who used to skip school to go to horse and cattle sales.

He admits, “Dad would check me out of class and Mom wouldn’t know.”

He can’t remember how many times he sold his own family’s livestock so he could practice his cadence.

“They can tell you stories,” he laughs. “I would spend hours in the barn just selling.”

Of course there are plenty of auctioneers out there who can talk fast.

But Brandon’s calling card is being able to seamlessly switch, mid sales pitch, from English, to Spanish, and back again.

He is, he says, “The only junior competitor to ever do this is the history of the competition, and the third in the world.”

That’s a superpower very few in his field can master.

“Everybody in the world has their own talent,” he smiles, “and I guess God blessed me with this one.”

Moving down the line Mendoza’s voice gets a little tired.

He’s been at the mic a lot lately, his skills in demand, and no end to what he can sell to just about anyone.

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