‘Just Kliggit me,’ Oklahoman creates new app that could have you uttering that phrase!

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — What is an idea worth?

Adam Ragsdale is spending 60 to 70 hours a week pondering just that, after his father pushed a proposal across the kitchen counter one morning.

“He pretty much just slid the app across the counter,” Ragsdale smiles. “And he asked, ‘what do you think?'”

“And you responded how,” asks his office visitor?

“I told him the concept is great but the design needs a little work,” recalls Adam.

Dad’s idea, a new way for people to connect over the phone and online.

After some tweaking, Adam saw a larger potential for professionals to get a better handle on their own self-worth.

Ragsdale says, “When I saw it I started thinking about how connecting with people could lead to you growing yourself. It’s almost a self-marketing tool.”

The name Kliggit has only been attached to the front door of this Oklahoma City office space for a month.

The office space is typical startup, no cubicles.

The kitchen has donuts for breakfast and ramen for lunch.

Red Bull or coffee is always within easy reach.

Ragsdale points to two empty Red Bull cans on top of the fridge.

“They were the first two Red Bulls we ever drank at the office so we said, ‘let’s keep ’em!'”

Adam is a recent computer science graduate who invented his first job right here.

Kliggit is still in the noun stage; person, place, idea.

Demonstrating the app, Ragsdale explains, “We’re a video booking and social media app. When you create an event it displays on your profile for others to go and book.”

Adam would very much like it to become a verb as well.

“We’ve already had people say, ‘just kliggit me’,” he says.

He insists his inclusive social media idea is perfect for consultants selling their expertise.

“The people that struggle to monetize their time,” he offers as example, “attorneys for instance.”

One thing Adam promises for his app is that its content will be clean, and that his company will stay put.

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No moving to Silicon Valley.

Ragsdale insists, “I think people just overlook Oklahoma’s talent.”

Kliggit still hasn’t achieved the kind of verb status as Google or Zoom, but they’re working on it, one influencer at a time.

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