This is a “Best of” Is This a Great State or What. It was originally published December, 01, 2022.

CHICKASHA,Okla. (KFOR) — It’s one building, but Fred McNatt stuffed five different bars into this old hotel, turned Mexican restaurant, that he spent five years turning into Legends.

“I’ve thrown a lot of darts to kind of see what sticks,” he says. “It’s a restaurant during the week and a concert venue on the weekends. I wanted to bring it all into one building.”

McNatt’s roadhouse has proof of the many roads he’s been down during his own life, starting with an Elvis Presley concert we saw at age 9.

“Did you save your ticket stub,” asks his guest?

“Yes,” he replies, “But that’s about the only thing I can’t find right now.”

Fred’s been collecting his stuff ever since.

Inside a glass case he points out, “This is Elvis’s belt and a picture of him wearing it.”

Pointing to another item, he says, “These are the binoculars I bought at that Elvis concert.”

He was a DJ for a few years, then a set-up man and roadie.

“Sound, light, staging.” he recalls.

He was a professional poker player for years.

“Almost every customer that comes in here has a Vegas story,” he says.

At every stop he collected souvenirs from his travels and meetings with all kinds of celebrities.

“A lot of legends in here,” he states.

It took him five years of planning and building, but he stuffed a lot of those memories into Legends Pub House and Venue.

“I’ve been collecting for 25 years,” he tells us. “It’s like anything else. Once you start you just can’t quit.”

Every corner has something to look at, every room is proof of an extensive network of famous people he’s met.

His place along Highway 81 is a stop for a lot of bands both up and coming or on their way out.

“Puddle of Mud, Tantric, Trap, Saliva,” he lists.

For Fred, whose life could be a song with a hundred different verses, it’s all about the music, and a place full of legends in one form or another.


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