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ELK CITY, Okla. (KFOR) — When it comes to making loud sound good, Buddy Parman knows his business.

He makes amplifiers these days, or sells the capacitors, resistors, or tubes it takes to make a good amp.

“I don’t think I’ve ever built two of these alike,” he smiles.

“Everything has to be done just right or you’re not going to have an amp that sounds good.”

A farm kid from Reydon, Oklahoma, Bud started playing in bands as a teenager.

He and his son Lyle thought they might make the big time with their band Slide-bar.

They toured for twenty years and made a great living.

“We were deep into it at that time,” he says. “We were touring with a lot of stars.”

Bud came back to Elk City to work a day job but kept fooling around with amps and switchers, electronic gear for musicians.

He insists, “It’s a certain sound everybody is after.”

And he kept getting calls from fellow ‘pickers’ to build them something that sounded good.

Parman explains, “I just want a good, fat, full sound and that’s what I’ve been able to accomplish with these.”

His orders dried up a little this year, but the phone still rang enough to keep him busy.

Touring players are always dropping by to get Buddy to set something just right or build something brand new.

“A lot of my customers have played for quite a while,” he says, “And they really understand sound.”

He doesn’t play much himself anymore, just enough for a sound test here and there.

But his equipment can still bring down the house whenever and wherever he wants it too.

Bud Parman builds custom orders for his amps and sells some of the parts to make them on E-Bay.

He told us he doesn’t like to advertise. He already has plenty of business knocking on his door.

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