Love and Mercy. A hospital romance blossoms beneath the spinning cross

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Fresh out of residency, Daniel Pascucci was trying to concentrate on his career in the Fall of 2014.

New to her job too, Kami Owens had plenty to think about as an ICU nurse at Mercy Hospital.

They each worked on different floors, but another nurse happened to know them both.

Salett Tunley arranged an introduction.

"I had something inside that was just telling me that I needed to introduce them to one another," she says.

Nothing really happened after that first meeting.

Daniel and Kami went back to work.

They became friends on Facebook

They each admit later they thought the other was kind of cute.

But it took a second meeting, again arranged by Nurse Tunley, to get the relationship going.

Pascucci, standing with Tunley agrees, "The second time you really instigated it."

Kami sitting with Daniel says, "we went on a date the next day after we had met again."

Things progressed rapidly after September of 2015.

Kami knew Daniel was the one for her when he was late for their second date.

"He was just very apologetic and very sweet," she recalls.

Daniel knew he was in love when Kami told him to back off a little.

He recalls her saying, "Don't push me to open up until I'm ready. For whatever reason that was it. That was when I fell in love with her."

Both doctor and nurse are anxious to steer their romance away from the soap opera clichés that everyone seems ready to pounce on.

"Is this a Grey's Anatomy relationship?" says Kami mimicking the questions that come about.

"They always ask that," agrees Daniel.

A hospital visitor prompts, "And your response is?"

"No," responds Pascucci with emphasis.

Nevertheless, on December 23rd they had a date planned.

He arranged to stop by the hospital where family and the 'big question' awaited.

The couple took their visitor to a spot in front of the patient entrance to the hospital.

"It was about right here," says Daniel. "I got down on one knee..."

He could have waited a little longer and asked for Kami's hand at dinner.

Why the hospital?

This is where it all began.

Daniel says, "For me, and I think for Kami too, the one place that was special for us, other than church, is this hospital."

Their personal lives, professional lives, even their religious lives center beneath the spinning cross on the hospital roof.

Love and logic told them this was, without a doubt, the best place to be.

Daniel and Kami have a wedding date planned for June, 2016.

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