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WARR ACRES, Okla. (KFOR) — The path from sounding crazy to sounding really good is a short one for John Lewis.

At a time when people were clearing shelf space of old stereo components, changing to digital cameras, switching to flat screens, and miniature everything, he was buying it all up.

“You name it,” he says. “Anything old and cool.”

We first walked into JB’s Analog last year when he was occupying more and more space in a flea market in Northwest Oklahoma City.

“I keep expecting to see ‘Linda Soundtrack’ pop out somewhere, you know?” he told us.

Then, as now, he argued these old analog tuners, players, and speakers sounded much better than anything digital.

Lewis argues, “People realized they were missing something. They’re not getting quite the sound they did with the old stuff and they want it back.”

As for the timing of moving into his own store in the middle of a pandemic, John, in his own analog kind of way, explained it it terms of what people like him turned to when there was nothing else to do.

“People got nervous about being locked in their house for 14 days so they started buying. They wanted to have a good system.”

Besides, five days after he cleared all his stuff out of his old stalls in the flea market, it burned to the ground.

“We got lucky on that deal,” he admits.

With a little more space came a little more inventory.

But John is still pretty choosy about what he buys.

“I could probably stay open another five years if I didn’t buy another thing,” he smiles.

He says vintage gamers like the old controllers and the old analog TV screens.

Old school photographers still like their film cameras and the old film too.

“Some of it expired before I was born,” John says.

Need an old remote?

Need a vacuum tube or projector bulb?

JB’s specializes in all the stuff you wish you hadn’t sold in the last garage sale or gotten rid of in the last move.

He argues, “It was just really, quality stuff.”

Lewis actually thinks in analog when it comes to business.

He doesn’t jump around.

He just tweaks the knobs and levers until he finds the sweet spot where he can ride out the storm.

JB’s Analog is located at 5850 NW 50th in Warr Acres.

The store is open Wednesday through Sunday.

For more information you can go to his Facebook page here or his website here.