Mabee-‘Grrrr’: One of this year’s top fundraisers for this Shawnee museum is a dog that paints

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SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) — They both walk through the front doors of the Mabee-Gerrer Museum like they own the place.

Mercedes Osolin and her dog, Raven, are honored guests, especially when they come in to do a little fundraising.

“She’s just a lot of fun to work with,” says her owner.

Mercedes found Raven seven summers ago during a storm.

“She was covered in mud,” Osolin recalls. “She was shaking. She was scared.”

It didn’t take long to figure out her border collie mix had special abilities.

“We were working on her picking up and holding things,” she said.

Call it trick for treat, but one of Raven’s abilities consists of grabbing a paint brush in her mouth and applying that brush to canvas.

Mercedes found some non-toxic colors and Raven’s career as an artist was launched.

Osolin insists, “Quite honestly, I’m never dissapointed with anything. Everything she does is different.”

Another local artist saw Raven’s work and thought it might be worthy of a fundraiser auction at the museum.

“You have to keep her busy,” continues Osolin.

They sell all kinds of stuff in the gift shop.

The fundraising event collected work from more than 70 artists for auction.

Raven’s painting just happened to be one of the first works off the wall, bringing $150 and, trust us, delighted smiles from museum staffers.

“We now have every artist covered,” says Manager of Education and Outreach Amber Dubois Shepherd, “including human and animal world.”

Mercedes says painting isn’t all up to her.

Raven drops her brush when she’s tired of one color and quits entirely when she thinks her work is done.

Squint just right and it could be a flock of birds or a couple of squirrels in a tree.

Art, after all, is open to interpretation, and worthy of whatever the buyer is willing to pay.

In this case, it appears both the artist and the Mabee-‘GRRRR’ Museum came out ahead.

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum held a virtual art auction in 2020.

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